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The prelude programs at SMG are designed to create an inviting, reflective, prayerful atmosphere that acts as a bridge between home and church and encourages us to enter into the spirit of the Eucharistic Liturgy when we gather to give thanks for the week ending and seek the wisdom and courage to meet the challenges of the week ahead.

 To achieve this, our prelude music is carefully selected and rehearsed each week. Many of our volunteer musicians of all ages spend hours preparing these selections to the benefit of all parishioners. We offer reflective and liturgically appropriate instrumental and vocal musical selections. Quite frequently the vocal selections are designed to expose us to music to be heard and sung during this particular or future liturgical celebrations and to foster familiarity and conscious and active participation of everyone present in the sung prayer.  

We are invited to come early, sit and relax, let ourselves be transformed by the melodies and let go of the burdens and challenges of our daily lives so that we are able to enter fully into the weekly celebration of the community of faith.


If you would like more information, please contact Karin Jurek