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Dear Friends,


You will find in this bulletin our action plan for implementing the Synod of the Diocese of Gary as it will be submitted to the Bishop this week.


The third one I had not printed before because it evolved gradually not from our staff but from our experience with the people we have served in the last few months.


Evangelization is a priority of Bishop Hying and I agree with that priority. Evangelization in the Roman Catholic Tradition is about the salvation brought about through the incarnation, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


We evangelize when introduce people to that Mystery of Faith but it is their journey, a personal journey where faith is encountered in the details of their life not a generic encounter where there are questions given with answers.


Salvation mean healing, our earliest ancestors referred to Jesus Christ as “eye salve,” as in attending to what we see, seeing not just what is front of us as apprehended by the cornea and optic nerve but seeing with the eye of the heart and soul and memory and dreams.


Salvation is seeing first and then doing.


Salvation begins on the inside, reflected experience, encounters with silence, deep contemplation, daydreaming, playing, all of this is the stuff of salvation then behavior changes, we become more free, more generous, more loving.


Our earliest ancestors “saw” a sacramental world in that everything was pointing to a source beyond the apparent.


Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung in modern times reawakened the human consciousness to the unconscious and the collective unconscious.


We may not understand all of that now but we did when we were babies and we will again.


The salvation wrought by Jesus Christ is about us and all of creation becoming whole as we evolve together from the Alpha point to the Omega point.


Evangelism and evangelization in our times have become closely aligned with certain political, quasi moral issues, divorced from the commonweal and selectively put forth as religious orthodoxy increasingly a tribal orthodoxy not fidelity to the Holy Spirit and the challenge to discerning where that Spirit calls us to go.


Religious orthodoxy with uniformity of behavior is, quite often, the goal of evangelization.


Roman Catholic Tradition is people, persons, responding to the mystery of the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ even before those events happened in time because “nothing came into being except through the Word!


All creation groans and is in agony as it awaits the redemption, the fulfillment and we will continue to do our best helping Creation give birth in the lives of all who come here with a deep awareness of and appreciation for the uniqueness that God manifests in each of us.


Father Niblick




Father Charlie Doyle died, April 9, at the age of 91. He was a great priest, an inspiration to me. He took me to my first symphony concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and I could never thank him enough for introducing me to classical music.


Charlie was banished to Beverly Shores early in his priesthood by Bishop Grutka because he got involved in Gary politics and the role that racial prejudice played in the political systems of Lake County.


Beverly Shores had a tiny church, Saint Ann of the Dunes.


Father Doyle went law school and passed the Bar and began a career working with poor men, mostly, African American imprisoned at the Michigan City Prison.


He was responsible for overturning the unjust convictions of many innocent men and shortening the sentences of young African American males serving time grossly disproportionate to their crimes.


He turned Saint Ann of the Dunes into a thriving community of diverse and interesting Catholics with intelligent preaching and unself-conscious ministry.


Rest in peace, Charlie!